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Owl Attack Causes Louisiana Police Officer to Wreck His Cruiser

Covington Police Department/Facebook

A Louisiana police officer wrecked his cruiser after an owl attacked him inside the car. 

A Louisiana police officer was forced off the road early Christmas Eve by a very unlikely suspect– a barred owl.

Officer Lance Benjamin was patrolling a subdivision with his window down looking for any suspicious activity when something hit him in the face.

He thought it was a football at first.

“And then I felt something scratching the back of my head and some pecking,” Benjamin explained to CNN affiliate WVUE.

While being pecked, scratched, and batted by wings, Benjamin temporarily lost control of his patrol car. He narrowly missed a patch of trees and drove through a small ditch before he was able to finally throw the car in park and exit.

The owl apparently had no plans to leave as he nestled down in the passenger floor board for 45 minutes before finally flying back out of the car.

Tim Lentz, Chief of Police, posted on the Covington Police Departments Facebook page that he had received a text at 1:45 a.m. about an officer involved in a crash because of an owl. He believed it to be a prank until Benjamin showed him the body camera footage below.

Luckily, Officer Benjamin will be just fine. He was treated for minor scratches by medical personnel before returning to finish the remainder of his shift.

As a memento of the funny and interesting event, fellow officers bought Benjamin his very own plush owl to keep in his patrol car.

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Owl Attack Causes Louisiana Police Officer to Wreck His Cruiser