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Outfit Your Blind With iTechworld Solar Panels

Bring DIY power to your blind and stay silent and scent-free.

Picture this: you’re sitting 50 feet up in your stand, the late morning action has lulled to a complete stop, and you want to check in on a trail camera you have near another stand. You reach quietly in your pocket for your smartphone, expecting a quick check and an easy decision to move locations.KCHO-mrec

Instead, your phone is dead. Nothing. No life. You start to laugh to yourself, ‘What do I need a phone for right now anyway? My dad never had a phone on him in the stand…’

Now, this quick scene could take a number of turns at this point. You could toss your phone back in your pocket just as a nice 10-point buck waltzes by, your shot hits target and you’re left without a selfie opportunity. You could hear a branch snap underneath you, and turn upside down in a split second, hanging helplessly from your safety harness with no way to get down. Hey, you never know.

There is a way that you could virtually guarantee yourself a full phone battery no matter where you are. Grab a portable solar panel and you’ll see why they’re becoming more and more popular in a variety of outdoor applications, not the least of which are directly related to hunting.


Bring the power to you

Portable solar panel kits, like these from iTechworld, can be hung nearly anywhere, are completely silent to use, and emit no scent whatsoever. You can’t say that about you father’s gas powered generator, can you?

There may not be any other single way to plug in a phone charger while high in a treestand. iTechworld has made their kits extremely lightweight, compact enough to be packable, and powerful enough to keep a phone (and plenty more) full of life as long as the sun is out.

The smallest and most portable of the bunch, the Airflex Mini 50 watt kit, measures in at 2 mm thick.

Move it or lose it

Think about it this way: how else can you promise yourself power to charge a car battery, run an electric heater, or power a radio to catch the weather report (okay, the football game) on the go?

iTechworld solar panel kits can go with you in the treestand, on an RV trip, a backpacking excursion or a national park campsite.


From your deer camp cabin to your secret blind that only you know about, a portable solar panel will always be a few seconds away from giving you full bars and letting you extend your stay much longer.

Way of the world

We rely a lot on our phones, and shouldn’t be ashamed about it. They’re our lifelines to the civilized world, even if we enjoy trying to get away from it at times. In case of emergency, or in case of giant whitetail, we sometimes simply need to get a word out and let others know what happened while we were in the great outdoors.

That’s why an iTechworld solar panel would make a great addition to your hunting gear, even if it would have never shown up on our parents’ outdoor accessory wish list. We live in the 21st Century, so we might as well hunt like it.

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Outfit Your Blind With iTechworld Solar Panels