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How Outdoorsy is Your State? This Map Will Tell You [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where does your home rank among the list of America’s most outdoorsy states?

Every state in the U.S. has some outdoor activity to offer, but here are the top ones. compiled the top ten overall outdoorsy states to see which ones sit among the front of the pack.

Many categories were analyzed when deciding the number one outdoorsy state in the U.S., including recreational hiking trails, campgrounds, fishing waters, and more.

Click around the map to find out more about each state.

Here are a few takeaways.

Most Outdoorsy State – California

The overall number one outdoorsy state title goes to California. California is home to 38 million people who hike, camp, fish, and love the outdoors. It houses Yosemite National park, Point Reyes beaches, and the famous Redwood forest littered with amazing redwood and sequoias.

California is also the number one state for rock climbing routes, number of campgrounds, and number of summer camps.

National Recreational Trails – Florida

Florida is scattered with the most national recreational trails of any other state. Along with offering great hiking trails, you can also indulge in the Florida wilderness by observing wildlife, camping, birding, scuba diving, and fishing.

Its many rivers and lakes are great for boating activities. Florida is home to Biscayne National Park as well as the famous Everglades.

Florida is also the number one state for ASA sailing schools and kayaking and canoeing locations.

National Parks – New York

Autumn leaves in Harriman State Park New York City with maple trees ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

New York is the number one outdoorsy state when it comes to parks systems, because it is home to 215 state and national parks.

New York is also home to the Adirondacks accommodating over 3,000 ponds and lakes. The Thousand Islands is a hot spot for scuba divers with its famous shipwrecks.

State Parks – Washington

mt. hood reflected in burnt lake in oregon's cascade mountains

Washington is home to many state parks along with the Cascade Mountain Range and the Olympic Mountains. The ranges offer easy day hikes for or rigorous mountain climbing routes. Washington also offers 3,000 miles of coastline scenic views, lakes, and rivers.

Fly Fishing Waters – Montana

Montana is the number one outdoorsy state for fly fishing waters. Along with great fly fishing spots, Montana is also home to Glacier National Park housed in the Rocky Mountains.

Part of the Continental Divide Trail’s 3,100 miles runs through Montana down to New Mexico. Yellowstone National Park also draws visitors to Montana showing off its hot springs and its well-known Old Faithful.

Handgliding and Paragliding Schools – Alaska

Upper Dewey lake Skagway. Inside passage, Alaska

With just over a 700,000 population and a 1.3 population density per square mile, Alaska has plentiful room to glide through the crisp air. It is home to Denali National Park and Preserve as well as the 20,320-foot Mount McKinley. Along with handgliding and paragliding, Alaska is also great for kayaking down the Chena River or bouncing through the class IV rapids of the Nenana River.

Alaska is also the number one outdoorsy state housing the most REI stores.

Ski Resorts – Michigan

Yellow ski lift chair sits high above the Houghton Michigan landscape. In distance the building of Michigan Tech are seen. Fall is beginning to tint trees on Quincy Hill.

Michigan houses the greatest number of ski resorts in the United States and is surrounded by five of the Great Lakes. Michigan also offers a unique experience at Mackinac Island where no cars are allowed on the island, hiking trails wind through pine trees, and fishing sports are abundant.

How does your state stack up?

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How Outdoorsy is Your State? This Map Will Tell You [INFOGRAPHIC]