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The Outdoorswoman’s Guide to Conquering Black Friday


As an outdoorswoman who married someone who loves hunting and fishing even more than I do, I take advantage of Black Friday to save on some of the necessities that we need to re-stock or the latest gear we’ve had our eye on all year long.

Now call me crazy, but I firmly believe that Black Friday shopping should be considered a sport in its own right.

Outdoor-related hobbies can be expensive, especially when you’re passionate about more than one. Black Friday is an opportunity to save a few bucks on things you were likely going to purchase at full price any way.

If you think about it, hunting for good deals isn’t all that different than hunting wild game.

Using this step-by-step guide, you’ll be ready to conquer Black Friday.

Step 1: Research

You can’t successfully hunt if you don’t research what it is you’re pursuing. Black Friday is no different. Retailers will try to distract you with a host of gimmicks to make you think you’re getting a good deal. But, if you do your research you’re guaranteed to have the upper hand.

Before you start shopping compare different models, features, specifications and competitor brands. Read the customer reviews. Then, make a list of your “must have” products and stick to it.

Step 2: Train

Like hunting, Black Friday shopping is a marathon not a sprint. In the days leading up, train your body so it’s ready for the long haul.

Get extra rest, drink plenty of water and load up on carbs before you head out.

No Regrets Outdoors
No Regrets Outdoors

Step 3: Scout

The growth of the outdoor industry has resulted in an increased number of retail stores and brands to choose from than ever before.

On Black Friday especially, it’s important to scout early and make a game plan.

Where we are spending Thanksgiving, Cabela’s, Academy Sports and Dick’s Sporting Goods are all within just a few miles of one another.

Gone are the days of waiting to buy a physical newspaper to browse the Black Friday ad flyers. Most retailers have their circulars available online now.


Scout which stores have the best deals on what you’re looking for and don’t forget to compare them to online deals.

Prioritize where you’re going to hunt for deals first.

Step 4: Pack

Before a hunt, I love laying out all of my gear and supplies before packing them up. (Side note: I’m a type-A military brat that gets anxiety from not being prepared.)

Like hunting, shopping on Black Friday requires a certain level of preparation.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Bottle of water
  • Snacks, in case your blood sugar takes a sudden dive
  • Cash, debit card and/or credit card
  • Sales flyers, in case you need to price match or an item is price incorrectly in the store
  • Proper outerwear for conditions, i.e. raincoat, insulated jacket
  • A full gas tank

Step 5: Hurry Up and Wait

You’ve researched, trained, scouted and packed. It’s time to get to your first “deal hunting” location.

Unlike hunting, you won’t be basking in stillness and solitude. Instead, you’ll be met with crowds of people, horrendous traffic and long checkout lines.

Lucky for you, all the patience that you’ve learned from sitting in the woods and on the water will come in handy.

The Times-Picayune
The Times-Picayune

Step 6: Pull the Trigger

If you’ve followed all of the steps above, there should be no guesswork or hesitation. If you find the deal you’ve been preparing and searching for, pull the trigger.

When the rut rolls back around next year, you’ll be glad you scored such a great deal on an extra game camera.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Harvest

Trophies mounted on the wall are nice, but a full freezer is even better.

When it comes to deal hunting on Black Friday, you’ll experience similar joy from your harvest.

It will come in the form of the smile on your loved ones’ faces when they unwrap the perfect gift that will help them have more success during their next hunting or fishing season.

And if you did Black Friday right, you saved enough money shopping for everyone else that you were able to score a few deals for yourself in the process.

Happy deal hunting!


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The Outdoorswoman’s Guide to Conquering Black Friday