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What Do Outdoorsmen Really Want for Christmas This Year?

Here are some dang good ideas if you’re shopping for an outdoorsman.

Everyone’s favorite fishing YouTube star LakeForkGuy took it upon himself to set the record straight when it comes to choosing outdoorsmen gifts.

It’s pretty simple, and all boils down to an easy to remember list. Oh, and guns appear twice, naturally…

What is it that you want for Christmas? Did you hear it in the list?

Shout out to LakeForkGuy (otherwise known as Justin) for being a great guy, and a genuine goofball to boot. If you didn’t know, he was the guy catching bass with dip can lures a short while back. And hey, if you’re gonna throw a dog into your YouTube videos, you could do a lot worse than that pooch Winston.

Be sure to watch more of LakeForkGuy‘s videos to learn plenty about fishing, not to mention hunting and a whole lot more. Trust me, the guy knows fishing, and he’s doing a fantastic job of consistently generating awesome videos. Plus, you’re going to be entertained, obviously.


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What Do Outdoorsmen Really Want for Christmas This Year?