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Outdoors Allie Has the Best Venison Gyros Recipe You’ve Seen

If you are looking for the best venison gyros recipe, you found it. 

Outdoors Allie is not your typical outdoors enthusiast. She is a multifaceted personality in the outdoors industry that does things men and women who hunt and fish wish they could. Seeing as she is a fitness enthusiast who hunts and fishes, it’s easy to see why she has almost 30,000 followers on her Instagram account. Part of what has garnered her so much attention are her recipes. For example, this just might be the best venison gyros recipe we’ve ever seen.

While venison gyros are not something entirely new, it’s how she preps the meat that takes it to the next level. Watch the video below to see how she does it.

If find yourself in the mood for venison gyros sometime soon, here you go.

Yeah, now that is awesome. So Allie incorporated the use of a Weston meat grinder, along with Weston’s original gyros recipe, which can be found here, and really kicked things up a notch. Seeing that grinder in action really makes it a worthwhile kitchen helper when it comes to wild game, especially venison.

We did something similar recently using ground venison that is another venison alternative for your dinner meal plans.

So what do you think? Is this going to be something that happens in your kitchen sometime soon? If not, perhaps that Weston grinder might come into play for Father’s Day.

Just saying.



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Outdoors Allie Has the Best Venison Gyros Recipe You’ve Seen