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Outdoors Allie Breaks from Chasing Elk for an Archery Grouse Hunt

grouse hunting
Pictures provided by Allie D'Andrea

Yeah, an archery grouse hunt… You gotta see this. 

Hunting personality Allie D’Andrea, commonly known as Outdoors Allie to her thousands of Instagram followers, flat out knows how to hunt. She doesn’t just show a bunch of pictures of herself in hunting poses as many of her female counterparts on social media do, but she actually backs it all up with video.

Seriously though, just watch this archery grouse hunt and see for yourself.

Almost immediately after watching this video the first time, I had two questions that came to mind. First, did she get her arrow back? Second, how did she cook them? Luckily, Allie took the time out of her busy hunting schedule and answered those very questions for me.

I did not get my arrow back…I tried to climb the tree but there was no hope for me reaching it. That arrow will stay in the tree for good. I could come back in 40 years and it will still be there. Let’s just hope I’m still in shape to get up there!

I have to admit, I would have tried to climb the tree too. So what about those grouse?


“The grouse were incredible eating,” D’Andrea wrote me in an e-mail. “I took the breast, legs, hearts, and gizzards, marinaded overnight and seared it all together in a skillet with olive oil! Gizzards are tough and rubbery, but the hearts were tender and great eating!”

So what do you think? Could you knock a grouse off a branch with a bow, dress it, and cook it up like that? Allie did, and for her, this is just a normal day in the woods.


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Outdoors Allie Breaks from Chasing Elk for an Archery Grouse Hunt