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Outdoor Term of the Week: Hunting and Fishing Slang [PICS]

The point of these outdoor term lessons is to make you a better outdoorsman. Here are some hunting and fishing slang words that will put you right in the loop. 

Hunting and fishing are niche communities, like a lot of sports or hobbies. With these communities comes a certain lingo and if you aren't up to snuff with your slang, you may look silly when you are out "letting lead or arrows fly" or "getting your line wet."

Be the best outdoorsman you can be and learn some sportsmen slang words for this week's outdoor term of the week.


Molly, Flathead, Wingnut: Doe

Slob, Hoss, Toad, Mossyback, Wallhanger: Big buck

Swamp Donkey- Moose

Hangers: Fresh deer poop that hangs off your boot

Re-Prod: Re-forestation project

Mountain Money: Toilet paper

Boomstick: Rifle

Timber Tigers: Chipmunks

Dipstick: Clueless hunter

Grass Bag: Stomach ("I hit him in the grass bag.")

Bones: Antlers

Boiler Room: Heart/Lung area where you want to aim for

Jellyhead: Turkey

Smokepole: Muzzle loader

Tree Chickens, Tree Bacon, or Tree Rats: Squirrels

What's Next?


Hog/Hawg, Toad, Pig: Big fish

Shovel Nose, Mud Cat: Catfish

Gigging: Spearfishing but not under water

Spooled: When all the line has been stripped from the reel

Gator: Sturgeon

Flossing: Snagging a fish

Purist: Fly fisherman (maybe old school, maybe pretentious)

Kicker: Trolling motor

Whiffing or Cankering: Losing a fish

Flea Flicker: Fly fisherman

Thumb Burner: Bait casting reel with no drag

Tunagin: Tuna virgin (someone who has never caught tuna)

A lot of fishing slang pertains to specific fish. A few of those terms are on this list but that is like opening Pandora's box...there are a lot of slang terms for particular fish out there.

Fishing Boat


Jargon is always regional, so a lot of communities in certain areas will have names for species only found in that area. Or they may have terms for things only done in their state.

I'm sure you and your hunting or fishing buddies have a lot of slang that only people in your circles know. Add to the list!




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Outdoor Term of the Week: Hunting and Fishing Slang [PICS]