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Outdoor Term of the Week: Squib Load [VIDEO]

Beware of the squib load. Don't know what that is? Find out here in this week's outdoor lesson. 

Let's just start off saying that squib loads are not a good thing. They are basically stuck rounds in your firearm that could cause you and your gun severe damage.

A squib load is when there is not enough force behind the ammunition for it to leave the gun. It can get really dangerous if you don't notice that the bullet is lodged in the barrel and if you fire another round. When it hits the stuck round, things can get really ugly.

This guy decided to see what would happen to fire after a squib load. We do not recommend this, but it's all for education's sake, right?

Firing on top of a stuck round will either push the stuck ammunition out of the barrel or explode. At least the guy rigs up a shooting mechanism to try to shoot a squib load rather than shoot it himself.

As we can see, firing on a squib load makes an even bigger mess inside the barrel. Both of those bullets inside the barrel are now jammed. Not good.

Squib loads are often caused by deformed bullets, bullets too large for the barrel or, in firearms that need to be loaded with powder, powder that wasn't loaded correctly.

Whenever you are shooting, make sure to stop if the discharge sounds odd, if there is a visible bulge at the end of the barrel, or if your firearm starts to smoke from the ejection port rather than the end of the barrel.

As this video shows, you don't want to be behind a shot after a squib load.

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Outdoor Term of the Week: Squib Load [VIDEO]