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The Outdoor Podcast Channel Launches on iTunes and Stitcher

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Tired of listening to the same five songs repeating on the radio? How annoying is it to find a radio station while you are traveling? Don’t want to spend the money on satellite radio?

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Make the best of your commute or road trips by listening and learning about the outdoors with the Outdoor Podcast Channel. The Outdoor Podcast Channel launches on iTunes and Stitcher Radio today, Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Fishing, hunting and camping podcasts episodes will keep you informed and entertained with interviews, product reviews and how to episodes.


The Outdoor Podcast Channel will bring you great episodes from Blanchard Outdoors Podcast, Fish Nerds, Take Aim Podcast, HuntFishTravel Podcast, The Turkey Hunter Podcast, Up North Journal, Bowhunting Freedom and Big Buck Registry’s Deer Hunting. The channel will feature a new episode from one of the above shows each day of the week.

All of these podcasts in one place keeps you informed without having to manage multiple subscriptions. Save time and have something new to listen to everyday on demand.

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The Outdoor Podcast Channel Launches on iTunes and Stitcher