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‘The Outdoor Option’ Gains Huge Sponsor in Remington

‘The Outdoor Option’ has added a significant name to its growing list of sponsors: Remington.

Remington Outdoor Company is adding its name to the increasing number of big name sponsors supporting The Outdoor Option, an award-nominated outdoor show on the Sportsman Channel.

remington-logoHosted by the Reasers, an Ohio family of outdoor loving fishing and hunting enthusiasts, The Outdoor Option is about to kick off its second season and already has earned notoriety for its genuine depiction of what being a sportsman means today.

“We’re extremely proud to have Remington as part of our family,” said Dan Reaser, co-host and founder of The Outdoor Option, in a press release announcing the news. “I’ve used Remington products for more than 40 years, and their products and people are as reliable and hard-working as it gets in America.”

Reaser, along with his son Danny and daughter Shannon, highlight the best of what the outdoors have to offer, and focuses on the genuine relationships that develop as the family hunts and fishes across the country.

Here’s a quick teaser from the show, previewing an episode that took the family turkey hunting.

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New episodes of The Outdoor Option will begin airing in January, 2015 on the Sportsman Channel’s Big Game Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST.

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‘The Outdoor Option’ Gains Huge Sponsor in Remington