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Outdoor Necessities You've Gotta Have for a Fun Summer [PICS]

Sup for the Soul

If you spend any amount of time in the wondrous outdoors, you'll want some of these things for a fun summer.

With the weather getting warmer and a bit more pleasant, more and more people will be making their way to the rugged outdoors to spend some quality time with Mother Nature.

Having the right type of gear can make or break your time in the wild. With so many options out there, it might be overwhelming to find the right additions for your next adventure. This list offers a variety of suggestions of outdoor items you might just have to have.

1. Hala Peño Wave Rider

Sup for the soul
Sup for the Soul

This short, inflatable, durable board will have you surfing rivers and enjoying every adventurous minute of it. Get one here.


square space
Square Space

PROBAR is committed to providing real food choices through convenient, healthy, plant-based food products. They have a wide variety of products to choose from. This item may not be considered your typical type of gear per se, but fueling your body is a basic need. Toss a few in your pack for your next outdoor excursion.

3. Yeti Hopper 20


This puncture-resistant and leak-proof, soft-sided portable cooler has the capacity to hold 12 cans of the beverage of your choice and 20 pounds of ice. With their famous insulating technology, it will keep your drinks cold for days. Get one here.

4. Windcatcher Air Pad

crowd supply
Crowd Supply

This four-inch thick quilted pad inflates in seconds. Quickstream inflation multiplies each breath 10 times without having to put your mouth on a dirty valve. The pad also deflates in seconds and even doubles as its own carrying case. Get one here.

5. Strongvolt Solar Charger

fresh infos
Fresh Infos

This solar charger with SunTrak technology will have your Smartphone, GoPro, GPS, and other electronics charged in no time, regardless of cloud cover or shade. There are several varieties to choose from to meet your personal needs. Get one for your next outdoor adventure.

No matter what your outdoor passion might be, fun is a necessity. These items are new and useful for any upcoming adventure.


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Outdoor Necessities You've Gotta Have for a Fun Summer [PICS]