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Outdoor Gear Review: Ohuhu 0-Degree Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag
Image via Chris Buckner

Today we’ll take a look at the Ohuhu 0-degree sleeping bag and see how useful it can be as a winter bag.

The Ohuhu 0-degree sleeping bag is advertised as being a very affordable winter sleeping bag, and we’re putting that claim to the test.

The first thing you think when you see Ohuhu 0-degree sleeping bag is probably something along the lines of “Wow…that is really cheap” or “I bet you get what you pay for.”

In many cases, these previous statements both apply in the fullest extreme to the product in question, but in the case of the Ohuhu 0-degree sleeping bag you may just be surprised.

First off, let’s get acquainted with the sleeping bag itself. The bag’s outer shell is made of 320d nylon, a waterproof material, and the inside liner is 210T/C rip-stop material that is soft and comfortable. The bag is filled with 150 g/m² silk-like cotton that is soft and does provide warmth, but with a 100 g/m² fill weight, there is not a substantial amount of padding.

Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag
A view of the sleeping bag which is blue and black on the outside and a light grey color on the inside.

The zipper on the bag works quite well. The bag unzips almost all the way down the bag, maybe 4/5 of the way down, and has a red zipper that can easily be found, and used from the inside or outside of the bag.

The bottom zipper also comes up to unzip if you wish to use that function.

Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag
The bag as it looks unzipped to the bottom zipper
Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag
A look at the top zipper along with the Velcro covering to hold the zipper in place.

I had no trouble with the zipper getting caught or tangled when zipping or unzipping and the Velcro covering kept bag securely closed.

The Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag is a mummy style bag and being so, the bag does go all the way around the top of your head. There is a pull-string very near the left ear of the bag that can be quickly found for both tightening and releasing the tension around your face.

Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag
The top of the bag with opening.

While testing the Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag, I found it to be much nicer than one would initially expect for a $35 sleeping bag.

As a side note, in this case, 0-degree in this case is referring to 0-degrees Celsius which is equal to 32-degrees Fahrenheit. I’ve tested the bag a few times in temperatures anywhere from 0-degrees to 10-degrees Celsius (32 to 50-degrees Fahrenheit) with complete comfort.

The bag really stands up to the cold and does its job well. The lower the temperature dropped, you could tell that it wasn’t quite as warm but I have at no point been uncomfortably cold while sleeping in this bag.

Another great thing about this bag is the inside pocket. On the front-inner side of the bag, almost center mass, there is a pocket where you can keep things you may need during the night.

Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag
The inside of the bag showing the inner pocket.

This pocket is great for things like a cell-phone, a small flashlight, a pocket-knife, or even a concealed weapon. The Velcro on the pocket insures that whatever you put in it will stay there all night long.

One negative thing about this bag is the lack of a sleeping pad sleeve. In my opinion, most of you will want to sleep on a sleeping pad with this bag. Unlike many sleeping bags the Ohuhu 0-degree Sleeping Bag has no sleeve to hold the bag on top of the sleeping pad. While this is not a huge deal, it is nice to know that you can move around at will without worrying about falling off the pad.

Sleeping pad sleeve aside, I couldn’t find anything negative about this sleeping bag. For just $35 you can get a very nice winter sleeping bag that will keep you warm in very cold conditions and it’s a great way to get someone out into the wild for the very first time without spending a fortune.

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Outdoor Gear Review: Ohuhu 0-Degree Sleeping Bag