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Outdoor First Aid for Dummies

These resources will make you safer every time you venture outdoors

This post originated from the Fin & Field blog. To find out more about booking your hunting or fishing trip, check out Fin & Field.

The outdoors is fun but the #1 rule, even more important than a successful hunt or fishing trip is staying safe. Here are some great first aid resources that everyone venturing outdoors needs to see.

First Aid Free Online Guide

wilderness first aid free online guide sierra trading post

Sierra Trading Post has compiled a great intro to first aid in the wilderness. It covers everything from preparedness and to head injuries, wounds, exposure, bites and stings, CPR, and more...  Read the guide here and have it saved on your phone.

Pocket Guide to Emergency First Aid

Pocket Guide to emergency first aid in the wild
Pocket Guide

This pocket guide is small enough to fit in any pack on any adventure. It is 28 pages of step-by-step instructions and diagrams on stabilizing and treating the most common injuries and sickness related to outdoor adventures.

Wilderness First Aid Handbook

wilderness first aid handbook
First Aid Handbook

This is a more complete book, 128 waterproof pages, of first aid for extreme environments. People with no experience can use this book to improve their response to an emergency in the wilderness.

Expedition First Aid Kit

Expedition first aid kit for wilderness and outdoors
First Aid Kit

This first aid kit is tailored to the outdoors and has enough supplies for up to 10 people. Pair this with the knowledge contained in the resources above and you will be much more capable of handling the unexpected injuries or sickness that may afflict you or your crew.


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Outdoor First Aid for Dummies