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Our Dogs Are Our Heroes [PICS]

Our dogs are our heroes, and here's why.

National Dog Day, which was August 26, was created to celebrate all the canines that put their lives on the line for their companions.

Dogs help us in search and rescue, bomb detection for national security, aid our disabled friends and children, and bring so much joy into our lives.

Of course, plenty of them join us on our camping, hiking and hunting trips as well, and make game retrieval and tracking a whole lot easier thanks to their excellent sense of smell, swimming abilities and determined nature to please their owners with a job well done.

Here are some honorable dogs that deserve to be recognized for their service.

Trakr is a search and rescue dog that came out of retirement in Canada after 9/11/01 to help with recovery efforts. Rumor has it he is being cloned!

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Pearl went to Haiti to help find people in the destruction after a massive earthquake. She was nominated by the ASPCA as Dog of the Year.

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Moti literally took a bullet for his human companion. He was honored in 2007 with the Dog of the Year award.

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Eve was a Rottweiler that dragged her owners out of a burning truck and was awarded the Stillman Award for her bravery.

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Dogs are such amazing animals. They've truly adapted to become our best friends and loyal companions, and are always there when we need them the most.

What does your dog do that makes you proud? Comment below!

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Our Dogs Are Our Heroes [PICS]