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Ouch, What Catfish Bit This Man’s Arm?

Man takes a catfish bite to the arm leaving him with a good bite mark. What kind of catfish was it and how big do you think it was?

As you probably know by now, noodling for catfish has become a pretty popular sport. Many love it and many fear it for reasons just like this. This man takes a catfish bite to the arm, and it didn’t feel good.

Noodling is a sport where you feel in holes to try and catch catfish while they are spawning. This fisherman was at Rend Lake, Illinois when he felt in the back of a hole, and felt a fish snap on his fingers. After coming up to get a breather so he could attempt to catch the fish again, the fish had re-positioned itself in this large hole.

When the fisherman stuck his arm back to where he first felt the fish, whammy, the catfish latched on to the side of his arm and began to shake and thrash. Of course, with those sandpaper teeth there is going to be a mark and the picture shows the damage.

Nothing crazy bad that would send you to the hospital, but a nice little battle scar at the least. Below is the aftermath of when the man pulls the fish out of the water once securing a grip. How big do you think the fish is?

The culprit of the bite was a very aggressive 8 lbs channel catfish. Shockingly, the smaller channel cats are much more aggressive and bite much harder than the large trophy Flathead that hand fisherman set out to catch.

When you see a bite mark like that, people would assume the fish would be a monster. Most of the time, that is not the case.

I am sure he will take those bite marks any day over a snapping turtle.


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Ouch, What Catfish Bit This Man’s Arm?