Crossbow Hunter Accidentally Takes One in the Foot


Mechanical issues were at fault for this crossbow misfiring into hunter’s foot.

It’s a fact that’s difficult to get around. Mechanical devices, no matter how well-designed, will at some point work towards failure. Whether from overuse, lack of proper care or just time, malfunctions are a part of reality. That’s as true for our weapons as it is for our vehicles. One Indiana crossbow hunter found out all about that harsh reality recently.

According to the original post from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the string failed to release upon pull of the trigger while the hunter was attempting to shoot a deer. After the malfunction, the hunter withdrew the crossbow to inspect it and check the safety mechanism. At that point, the string released. Unfortunately, the bow was pointed directly towards the hunter’s foot.

The bolt went through the leather of the hunter’s boot and into his foot. Luck was on his side, however. The bolt somehow went between the first and second toes, only resulting in minor cuts on those two toes.

Modern crossbows are capable of firing their bolts at over 300 feet per second, which is roughly 200 mph. With a sharpened broadhead attached, that’s easily enough force to puncture a human foot or sever any toes in the way. This hunter was very fortunate, considering the circumstances. Let his experience serve as a warning for all of us. We have to be familiar with our equipment and check for safe operation before attempting to take an animal.

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