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Otters Are Cleaning Out This Paid Fishing Pond


Guerrilla otters have been raiding this pay-to-fish fishing pond at the tune of some $500 a night. Wait, here they come again!

When Darren Seng decided to buy and operate a paid fishing pond he figured he would have a few hurdles along the way. It’s just that he hadn’t anticipated gang of thug otters to be the worst one.

Seng, who opened D’Best Recreation fishing park, had sunk his money into the pond, but he didn’t know he would be feeding something else besides the fish he put in there.

Okay, so… they have otters in Singapore.

In the beginning they came in pairs, then it was a hoard. An otter can easily chase down and catch virtually any fish it feels like eating.

Seng said, “There used to be only two otters, but now there are nine. Two more, and they could form a football team”

Since pay-to-fish ponds are quite popular in these urban areas, it stands to reason that losing that much money to some fish stealing otters will have to be dealt with. The only problem: all wildlife in and around Singapore are protected and cannot harmed or harassed in any way.

Good luck with that, Mr. Seng.


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Otters Are Cleaning Out This Paid Fishing Pond