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Otter Attacks Washington Boy [VIDEO]

A boy and his grandmother were hospitalized after being brutally attacked by an otter while swimming at a popular river near Seattle.

Tabitha Moser’s 8-year old son was swimming in the Pilchuck River near Everett, Washington last week when he was attacked by a four foot long river otter.

The angry otter climbed on the young boy’s head, pushing him underwater, and bit him on multiple times, leaving nasty puncture wounds on his head, neck, face, arms, and leg.


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The boy’s grandmother jumped in the river and managed to pull him out, but suffered numerous bite wounds herself. Both the boy and his grandmother were hospitalized, but are expected to recover.

Washington Fish and Wildlife agents have set a trap for the otter, but have been unsuccessful so far.

Here’s more of the story from King 5 in Seattle.

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Otter Attacks Washington Boy [VIDEO]