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Osprey Possess Incredible Fish-Catching Skills [VIDEO]

Via Justin Hoffman

The osprey is a fish-catching machine. This incredible footage gives you a bird’s-eye view of exactly why.

The osprey is found on every continent other than Antarctica. Hunting almost exclusively for live fish, the osprey plunges feet first – sometimes completely submerging itself – in order to catch its meal.

“Fish hawk” is the nickname given to the osprey, and for good reason.

Watch this incredible underwater footage showing how an osprey hunts!

The osprey has a reversible outer toe which enables it to clutch fish effortlessly during flight. Once a fish is caught, the bird will often perch in a tree in order to consume its meal.

Fish beware. The osprey has its sights – and talons – set on you!

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Osprey Possess Incredible Fish-Catching Skills [VIDEO]