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Osprey Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against an Eagle [VIDEO]

Competition for food between wildlife can get intense, especially if an osprey and eagle spot a fish at the same time.

Sometimes animals must show each other who is the boss of an area when it comes to food and territory. These battles can even take to the sky when it comes to birds of prey, like this bald eagle and osprey.

While on a fishing trip at Lake Merwin in Washington, a man captured an osprey swooping in to grab a fish from the lake. Apparently a bald eagle who was perched on a tree nearby wasn’t too happy with his rival’s catch and decided to take action.

This video does contain some strong language.

It is funny how the animal world works very similar to our own world. That bald eagle had the entire lake to look for fish but would rather bide his time waiting for the osprey to make his move before deciding he wanted that same fish.

Guess he just wanted him to know that he was the more dominant bird in that area.

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Osprey Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against an Eagle [VIDEO]