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Osprey Dive Bombs Hooked Bass at Shore [VIDEO]

This determined osprey wasn't about to let a nearby angler prevent him from trying to grab an easy meal.

Check out this amazing video, uploaded by FishEGuy, of a hungry osprey attacking his hooked bass as he reels it close to shore. Judging by his reaction, he certainly was not expecting this surprise visit from the fish-eating bird of prey.

After missing on its first attempt to steal the bass, the osprey makes a second pass but veers away once it sizes up the angler. We have all seen videos of other fish attacking hooked fish, and even other creatures stealing fish, but have you ever seen an osprey attack like this one?

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Unfortunately, the angler's video camera that was mounted on his hat was in stand-by mode when the osprey swooped down. The angler also noted that the osprey did manage to catch a fish of its own a few moments after dive bombing his bass. You just never know what you are going to see while out enjoying the outdoors.

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Osprey Dive Bombs Hooked Bass at Shore [VIDEO]