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Orvis and Trout Unlimited Team Up for 1,000 Miles Campaign [VIDEO]

The 1,000 Miles Campaign, a collaboration between Orvis and Trout Unlimited, aims to reconnect tributaries and rejuvenate fisheries across the country. 

Fish will travel up to 100 miles to find suitable spawning areas, but many culverts and other barriers greatly hinder their efforts to reach upstream habitats.

Orvis and Trout Unlimited have teamed up in an effort to fix these blocked tributaries and give fish access to their natural breeding grounds.

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Charles K. Fox once said, “The angler forgets most of the fish he catches, but he does not forget the streams and rivers in which they were caught.”

Orvis and Trout Unlimited’s project the 1,000 Miles Campaign wants to make the habitats within these streams and rivers accessible for fish across the country.

Many culverts were poorly constructed and present insurmountable barriers to fish looking to travel upstream and spawn. When these barriers are restored, fish will be able to reach fertile tributaries that haven’t been accessed in years. The end result is better rivers and better fisheries.

The goal of the 1,000 Miles Campaign is to reconnect 1,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers across the country.

Learn more about the project and how you can help at the Orvis website.

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Orvis and Trout Unlimited Team Up for 1,000 Miles Campaign [VIDEO]