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Orvis Highlights Women’s Fly Fishing in Inspirational Video

Orvis promotes women’s fly fishing with its quality gear and fishing tutorials.

When I wanted to get my young daughter into women’s fly fishing, I showed her this video from Orvis.

Their resources and promotional material feature positive role models of women working in the industry or enjoying the sport. This company goes a long way in recognizing the powerful role that women play in shaping the present and future of fly fishing.

Traditionally, the fly fishing industry seems focused almost exclusively on men, but companies like Orvis recognize that women now play a leading role. Orvis actively support’s their participation in the sport through featuring strong role models and providing sponsorship. They also provide great introductory gear and education for newcomers entering into this fulfilling outdoor activity.

To access the tutorials that are available at their fly fishing learning center, see here.

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Orvis Highlights Women’s Fly Fishing in Inspirational Video