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The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing Makes You Think Like a Trout

Let the Orvis guide to fly fishing show you the prime spots to get a tight line on those elusive trout.

The Orvis guide to fly fishing and Tom Rosenbauer give tips on how to read a river, think like a fish and wet your line where the trout are actively feeding and holding up.

The New Fly Fisher is a great show that combines learning with entertainment and will definitely improve your fishing IQ and strategies so take a look at this quick video.

A great overview that breaks a stream down into the best areas to place your fly to get on the fish. It really is a learned skill that you can build up over many years of experience. I am about 25 percent where I want to be and have been amazed at some of the guides I know. They truly can breakdown a river and show you where to fish for productive results.

I have even seen guides in Quebec be able to read the water and put me in the best spots based on what kind of trout you are fishing. Even in the same river, rainbow trout will hold up in different spots from brookies, and the browns will be somewhere else in the river.

For more tutorials from the pros at Orvis they provide a fly fishing learning center at their website where you can register and start watching their lessons, the best part it is free, a great deal and years of fly fishing experience at your fingertips. For more information go to this link.



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The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing Makes You Think Like a Trout