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Orvis Fly Rods: Made in America by Quality Craftsmen

Consider an Orvis fly rod for a gift this Christmas and know you are getting the best.

I have always referred to Orvis as the Lamborghini of fly rods, as they are great quality and are a dream to cast. My father bought me a four weight Orvis rod and reel package for stream fishing and it really becomes an extension of your arm and a real pleasure to fish.

Like all the best outdoor products, they are crafted well and with an eye for detail. Have a look at this short video as the Orvis Company talks about their process and love of the outdoors. It is a 156-year-old story about an enduring outdoor legacy in Vermont.

Talk about loving what you do for a living, it is also uplifting to see quality fly rods made in America by people who are passionate about their jobs. Consider Orvis Fly Rods as a Christmas gift this year and know that you are giving the very best in American craftsmanship.


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Orvis Fly Rods: Made in America by Quality Craftsmen