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Have You Ever Seen an Origami Kayak? [VIDEO]

The ancient Japanese art of origami meets the tranquil grace of kayaking. Check out Oru Kayaks.

Is this an art portfolio or a kayak? Or both? How many yakkers out there want to get their art on, too?

Art and sport meld into a blend of beauty, grace, and expedience on a regular basis. But Oru Kayaks is giving it a unique slant.

While Oru kayaks are not currently made for fishing, they are a fun alternative to the traditional sit-in kayaks. They are lightweight and considerably longer due to being designed for coastal waters.

Running anywhere from 12 to 16 feet, these foldup kayaks are a bit too big for a game of desktop football, but are easier to fold for the novice origami artist to fold up. Just follow the lines and you’ll be fine.

However, if you have trouble folding a map, you may want to ask for help from the local high school art class.

Go to Oru Kayak for more information.

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Have You Ever Seen an Origami Kayak? [VIDEO]