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The Original Electrofishing [PICS]

Here’s a throwback to the original electrofishing.

Believe it or not, the modern method of electroshocking fish for surveying purposes isn’t entirely new.

In fact, this 1931 Modern Mechanics and Inventions article shows exactly how long ago the idea was thought up, and how the contraption worked.


Good for Captain Silva, though we aren’t sure this thing exactly took off. Nonetheless, a 500-pound shark is something to be proud of, no matter how it gets reeled in.

A fair amount of caution needed to be withheld while using the electric fishing pole contraption, and we’re betting such methods are as illegal as it gets in most parts of the country.

It’s still interesting to see how folks tried their hardest to find easier ways to go fishing. We mirror that same sentiment today across the entire fishing industry, especially when it comes to fishing gear.

Hat tip to for sharing the classic story.

What do you think about this age-old way of fishing? Would you want to give it a try if it were allowed?


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The Original Electrofishing [PICS]