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Oregon Zoo Lion Cub Starting to Take Baby Steps [VIDEO]

Seven-year old lioness “Kya” witnessed one of her cubs take its first steps. The event was captured on video.

Born September 8th at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, these lion cubs are just starting to stand and take steps. While not walking on their own yet, one of the cubs can be seen taken a few wobbly steps.

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Zoo staff described it as “more like pulling themselves along with their two front paws.” The zookeeper reported that Kya has been “an excellent and attentive mom so far.”

“It has been constant nursing, resting and grooming,” said keeper Laura Weiner.

The cubs’ sex has not been identified yet, but the zoo will give them a checkup soon and determine what sex they are.

What do you think of the new cubs?

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Oregon Zoo Lion Cub Starting to Take Baby Steps [VIDEO]