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Oregon Woman Displays Trophy Fiancé in Engagement Photo

Joshua Rainey

A creative engagement photo showing an Oregon woman quite literally bagging the man of her dreams has gone viral among hunters and romantics alike.

Oregon woman Stevie Beard posted a photo on Facebook in January featuring her fiancé, Brady Hogevoll, dangling from a tractor by his heels. She poses in front of her groom-to-be, cradling a rifle and displaying a sign declaring “The Hunt is Over,” along with her September wedding date.

Beard and Hogevoll, who are both hunters, were making a reference to when they hang game on hooks from the tractor in order to clean them. Several family members and a photographers helped coordinate the stunt, with Hogevoll dangling from the tractor for about ten minutes using knots he tied himself.

The shot was just one of many from a photo shoot on the Hogevoll family’s property last month. Among other outdoor shots were the couple kissing among trees and in front of an elk herd. Beard said its the photo in front of the elk that’s one of her favorites.

But it’s the hunting-themed photograph which has garnered the most online attention. Beard and Hogevoll originally posted the picture on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Facebook page in January. The group then shared the photo a week later, and it took off from there. Since being posted to Facebook, it’s been viewed by over six million people and shared over 162,000 times.

The couple says they’re surprised by the attention the picture has received. The photographer, Joshua Rainey, has also been overwhelmed, and reports his website has crashed a few times from the flood of online visitors.

While the majority of the responses to the photo have been positive, some commentators have criticized the photo as glorifying hunting.

For Hogevoll and Beard, those comments are the least of their concerns. With the “save the date” invitations completed, they’ve now set their sights on the game plan for their upcoming nuptials.

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Oregon Woman Displays Trophy Fiancé in Engagement Photo