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Oregon Mule Deer Hunter Arrested After Shooting Hunting Buddy with Arrow

Oregon mule deer

You wouldn’t think something like would happen chasing Oregon mule deer with a bow, but a recent incident left one hunter arrested, and another dead.

In rather unfortunate news coming out of the Pacific Northwest, a man has been arrested for criminally negligent homicide. The charges stemmed from a hunting accident where Michael Shawn Pekarek (pictured above) shot his friend, Jeffrey Lynn Cummings, in the abdomen while tracking an Oregon mule deer. Pekarek tried to render first aid until medical personnel arrived on scene, but it was too late.

You may be asking yourself how something like this could happen while bowhunting? That’s a good question, and one we asked ourselves as well. As the official story goes, it appears like a freak accident that could have been avoided.

Per the police report, Pekarek stated that he was the passenger in the vehicle that Cummings was driving while searching for mule deer. After finding one, Pekarek got out of the vehicle to attempt a shot with his bow. Cummings then also got out of the vehicle with his bow.

Investigators discovered that Pekarek was at full draw and did not have a shot at the mule deer. He then turned and faced Cummings to tell him the deer was moving towards him. It was at this point he accidently released the arrow, striking Cummings in the stomach area.

Pekarek’s bail was set at $50,000. The investigation is still ongoing.


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Oregon Mule Deer Hunter Arrested After Shooting Hunting Buddy with Arrow