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Cost of Oregon Hunting and Fishing Licenses Could Be Raised

Oregon hunting and fishing licenses aren’t being bought in high enough numbers.

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) is looking down the barrel of a $32 million gap in its operating costs, according to the Statesman Journal.

Hunting and fishing participation is reaching 30 year lows for the state, and a lengthy Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting Thursday in Salem presented a proposed approach.

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The measures would include preparation for the 2015-17 seasons, with possible staff and program cuts, a request of increased state funds, and an increased price for hunting and fishing tags.

“The goal is to minimize the impact on participation in fishing and hunting while still being able to present a balanced budget,” said Debbie Colbert, ODFW Deputy Director for Administration, as quoted in the article.

The ODFW is considering an incremental uptick of fees, and are aiming for an $85 million increase over the next several of years.

Fishing licenses, which currently cost Oregonians $33, would move to $38 in 2016 and to $41 in 2018. A $10 ocean fishing allowance would likely be added as well.

Hunting fees, which cost $29.50 today, could be increased to $32 in 2016 and $33 by 2018.

The Commission also set tag totals for this fall at the meeting in Salem, which amount to 134,312 big game tags available via draw.

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Results of the draw will be posted June 20, but hunters will need to check to see if they were lucky, as the ODFW will not send postcard notifications for the first time this year.

What do you think of the proposed changes? Would you be willing to spend more if it meant your local Department of Fish & Wildlife could withstand its budget limitations?

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Cost of Oregon Hunting and Fishing Licenses Could Be Raised