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Oregon Hunter Turns Himself in After Mistakenly Shooting an Endangered Wolf [PICS]

A coyote hunter in Oregon reported killing a protected wolf; the case is now being considered by District Attorney’s office.

An Oregon coyote hunter turned himself into wildlife and game officials for illegally killing a grey wolf on Oct. 6. It is unknown if it was a case of mistaken identity or if it was intentional and the incident is now being considered by the Grant county District Attorney’s office.

Currently it is unclear if the hunter will face charges or be let off due to wrongful identification between coyote or wolf while hunting.

The male wolf, which was radio-collared as part of the Umatilla River pack that had dispersed into a new area, was located by police on private property after the hunter reported the killing.

It is against the law to kill wolves in Oregon unless it is in defense of human life or protection of livestock under special circumstances. The offense can bring jail time or fines up to $6,250, however the Oregon Fish and Wildlife commission is considering removing wolves from the endangered species list which has begun heated debate between residents of the state who support the protection and those who wish it removed.

This is the second investigation into the potentially illegal killing of wolves in recent months; officials are also investigating the mysterious death of two wolves that were killed in August and were located only 50 yards apart. The cause of death still has not been determined.

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Oregon Hunter Turns Himself in After Mistakenly Shooting an Endangered Wolf [PICS]