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Oregon Hiker Finds Boot from ‘Wild’ [PICS]

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A hiker in Portland, Oregon recognized mountains in the opening scene of ‘Wild.’ So he hiked there and found Reese Witherspoon’s boot.

The movie “Wild,” featuring Reese Witherspoon, is a true account of a woman’s self-discovery on the Pacific Crest Trail. The opening scene shows Reese Witherspoon throwing her hiking boot in frustration off a cliff. In the background are two well-known peaks which Chris Kesting, an avid hiker from Washington, recognized immediately.


On March 8, Kesting and a friend hiked up to the spot they saw in the movie where Witherspoon threw her boot. The Danner boots with the red laces became an iconic symbol in the movie. The scene was filmed in the fall of 2013 on the south side of Mount Hood, a ski area on a glacier, where the film crew rode the chairlift up and hiked across to film.

Kesting found the spot where Witherspoon threw the boot and scrambled down the rocks to look for it.

“The thing that stood out was the red laces,” he said. “The brown of the leather blended into the soil and I didn’t see that at all. I saw the red laces and thought it was weird that there were flowers out already. That’s when it came into focus. It was kind of funny.”

Danner made the boots especially for the movie, 25 different pairs that showed various stages of wear to look like they were genuinely hiked in.

Kesting keeps Witherspoon’s boot from “Wild” on his bookshelf.

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Oregon Hiker Finds Boot from ‘Wild’ [PICS]