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Oregon Grizzly Bear’s Knee Surgery a Success


Wildlife Safari’s largest grizzly bear, weighing in at over 800 pounds, has successful knee surgery to repair torn ligament.

This 800-pound grizzly bear, named Victor, is a success story. Not only is this grizzly bear the largest safari bear, it is the first to undergo ligament surgery. This young bear, at nine years and nine months old, came to Wildlife Safari in 2006, along with two other orphaned cubs, Mak & Oso who all live together as “brothers.” They have an expected life span in the wild of 25 years, but can live up to 50 years in captivity.

The wildlife park in Winston, Oregon says knee surgery on grizzly bears is extremely rare and would not have been possible without the commitment and expertise of the surgery team. They also worked with community partners that donated medical supplies.

According to reports, this surgery was much like that of a human tearing his/her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Even though this has been a fairly common procedure for humans, it’s new to the wildlife scene.

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Oregon Grizzly Bear’s Knee Surgery a Success