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Oregon Fly Fishing Wish List

Shopping for an Oregon fly fishing enthusiast this holiday season?

From basic gear for the beginning fly fishermen to state of the art gadgets for fly fishing veterans looking to spice up their outdoor experience with some new technology aids, you can expect to see a broad range of different products on the holiday wish list for any given fly fishing angler.

We have collected some of the most frequently-listed items below, as well as some less commonplace products that we expect to posit themselves as big sellers over the next few months. Take care of that special someone with an Oregon fly fishing wish list by checking out these great gift ideas.

Rods: As with any fishing pursuit, someone hoping to begin a hobby of fly fishing should start by finding the right rod for the job. Naturally, the market is loaded with different fly fishing rods.

Depending on the angler on your shopping list, you can go for inexpensive, well rated start-up rods (the Bass Pro Shops Power Plus Graphite fly rod series, for instance, provides good action and a quality cast for $19.99) or pricy luxury rods (the $800 Sage Xi3 Series rods, which boast premium design perfect for coastal saltwater fly fishing in Oregon).

bass pro - power plusPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Reels: If you plan on giving a fishing rod to the Oregon fly fishing enthusiast on your shopping list this year, why not throw on a reel to complete the set? We are particularly fond of White River Fly Shop Intruder series reels, which pride themselves on providing the durability and performance of high-price reels in a $30 package. The aluminum construction and the quick-release spool catch a lot of eyes in fishing shops around the nation.

bass pro - intruderPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Helpful Resources: One of the reasons we love the aforementioned Intruder reel series is that their manufacturer, White River Fly Shop, is clearly a company that knows a lot about the fly fishing sport. The company's video series, "Handcrafting Effective Flies," can help the fly fisherman on your list master the art of baiting, with DVDs covering effective fly baiting strategies for bass, trout, and saltwater fish. The videos come highly rated and are only $9.99 each.

bass pro - white river bassPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Miscellaneous: From storage to gear maintenance to bait preparation tools, a passionate Oregon fly fishing angler is going to need more than just rods, reels, and DVDs this holiday season. For instance, the RIO AgentX Fly Line Cleaning Kit ($10.95) may not be the sexiest gift, but can serve nicely as a stocking stuffer for a frequent fisherman who seems to go through fishing line more quickly than necessary.

Similarly, a fly box adds convenience and easy storage to any fly fishing enthusiast's life, an can prove to be an easy but thoughtful gift. White River Fly produces a whole fleet of fly boxes in a variety of different styles, durability levels, capacities, and price ranges.

Finally, a pair or two of bait forceps can be a perfect companion to a baiting guidebook or DVD. Used by fly fishermen for creating and tweaking the perfect bait, forceps a must have for any angler's tackle box.

bass pro - forcepsPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Oregon Fly Fishing Wish List