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Oregon Big Game Hunting Wish List

In the world of Oregon big game hunting, elk reigns supreme. While the state also offers plentiful hunting opportunities for other big game species – including black bear, mountain lions, bighorn sheep, and deer – there is a reason that people from around the nation flock to the west to hunt elk. While the Oregon elk hunting season is currently in full swing and will be all but over by the time holiday gift giving begins, it is never too early to start planning for next year.

With that in mind, take this holiday season as an opportunity to help the big game Oregon elk hunter on your shopping list build up their arsenal for greater success next fall.

First off, we will approach this list under the assumption that whoever you are shopping for already has the perfect rifle for big game hunting purposes. If you are determined to purchase new rifle for your loved one this holiday season, let that person help you pick it out. The hunter should always have some say in their next big rifle purchase. However, the following items can add something to virtually any big game hunting arsenal (and aren’t as expensive as a top of the line rifle, either).

Elk calls: Since an Oregon big game hunter is almost certainly involved in the pursuit of hunting elk, an elk call can serve as a perfect holiday gift idea. Most modern calls are actually quite beautiful, made with precision and craftsmanship that makes them more than just a functional tool, but a keepsake item. Primos is a great company to look for in elk calls, and we are especially fond of the Hoochie Mama Cow Elk Push call and the Hoss Bugle call.

oregon - mama cowPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

oregon - hoss

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

You can also go for the Primos Elk Hunter Master Pak, which includes the Hoochie Mama call and other adjustable calls that can produce calf, cow, or bull sounds for both close-in and long-distance prey.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.19.40 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Elk decoys: Good for a laugh beneath the Christmas tree and for practical purposes out in the hunting field, elk decoys from Montana Decoy Inc can strike the perfect balance between gag gift and new hunting necessity.

oregon- montanaPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Glass: An Oregon big game hunter needs a high-quality pair of binoculars to stake out elk territories throughout the state. Oculus 7.0 binoculars are a great option in the middle of the price range (both the 8x and 10x versions are in the $300 to $350 territory). In fact, these binoculars are good for any kind of outdoor enthusiast, with water and fog-proof design and powerful magnification.

oregon - oculusPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Scent Control: Not much is worse – in Oregon big game hunting at least – that losing out on a huge elk or deer because the buck caught a whiff of your scent on the wind. The Ozonics HR-200 Scent Elimination System is more or less the ultimate scent control gadget for the big game hunting world, using O3 Ozone technology to send ozone downwind and mask a hunter’s scent.

At $400, the price may be steep for a holiday gift, but it might be worth it for giving the big game hunter in your life the ability to give up more mundane scent control necessities forever.

oregon - scent controlPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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