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What Oregon Animals Can You Hunt in Summer? [PICS]


Think summer means no hunting? Guess again if you’re in Oregon.

With all of Oregon’s natural wonders, summer doesn’t have to mean the end of hunting season. The beautiful state has much to offer outdoors fanatics. The Cascade mountains, temperate forests, ocean coastline, and arid desert are all very different biomes, which means there is a range of animal species.

Summer isn’t a typical hunting season because animals can still be raising their young. However, simply review the Oregon hunting regulations, and you’ll find many wildlife species to keep you occupied and ready for the more-traditional fall hunting season. Summer hunting seasons mostly include small game animals but you can also hunt some big ones.

Below is a brief snapshot, but always review the specific regulations or check with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for more information.

Oregon Summer Hunting Opportunities

oregon cougar
Oregon Outdoor Council

Cougar – Believe it or not, Oregon has a statewide cougar hunting season from January 1 to December 31, provided hunting quotas haven’t been met first.

Black Bear – Beginning August 1, most of the state is open to black bear hunting until November or December.

Pronghorn Antelope – There are several controlled hunts for pronghorns beginning around August 15 and continuing through early fall.

Sheep – Controlled hunts for bighorn sheep begin on August 15, while hunts for mountain goat open up on September 1.

Deer and Elk – As per many states, archery seasons open for these species on August 29.

Additionally, there are several small game species open to hunting year-round in Oregon. You’ll need a furbearer hunting license to do so. These species include red fox, badger, coyote, nutria, opossum, porcupine, weasel, spotted skunk, and striped skunk.

Keep your shooting skills sharp this summer, and have some fun outdoors. After all, that’s why we do it.

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What Oregon Animals Can You Hunt in Summer? [PICS]