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Oregon 24-Pound Steelhead caught on a Pink Worm is a Monster

These young fishermen mix up the lure types and score big on a monster steelhead with a pink jig in Oregon.

These gents do some productive steelhead fishing on an Oregon costal river using some big bright flies and also a pink worm jig, which catches the nicest steelhead of the day.

These costal streams provide some of the best fishing opportunities in North America and sea-run steelhead are said to be much harder fighters than great lakes’ steelhead.

I have done spring steelhead fishing in Lake Ontario river tributaries and it provides some of the most challenging stream fishing you can find.

While I use roe bags and flies, some guys camping next to me three years ago used pink worms and they consistently out-fished me over the four days. They were kind enough to spare a few pink plastics for my use.

The best tactic I learned is to have a varied combination of artificial lures, roe bags, jigs and flies available to be able to provide what the fish are actively feeding on and then put the bait down drifting in front of their noses just off the bottom.

It can be the difference of no fish landed or an exciting experience with tight lines.


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Oregon 24-Pound Steelhead caught on a Pink Worm is a Monster