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Orcas Hunt and Kill Humpback Whale Calf [VIDEO]

Orcas act like a wolf pack, targeting and attacking the weakest prey. In this case the prey is a humpback whale calf.

Spearfishers in North Western Australia indicate that they were about to fish one of their favorite spearfishing spots when they found themselves in the middle of a different predator-prey scene.

A group of what looks like four orcas were hunting and had killed a humpback whale calf. The divers admitted, “They were so intimidating!”

As a few large sharks try to get in on feasting on the dead calf and the water is stained with its blood, the orcas seem almost disinterested at times.

The divers are right, the orcas exude a quiet intensity that is intimidating.

Deciding to stay with the boat, the divers filmed as much of the scene as possible with a GoPro camera.

One of the interesting aspects of the film is how serene, calm and completely in control the orcas appear. There is no frenzy, no urgency. They appear only curious and even gentle.

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Orcas Hunt and Kill Humpback Whale Calf [VIDEO]