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Watch as This Orca Imitates a Motorboat [VIDEO]

The motorboat impression by this orca is spot-on.

The orca in this video from Dreadfin Records gives a dead-on impression of the whine, sputter and bubbling of an outboard motor on some visitors' boat.

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The orca's name is Luna, and we may never know for sure if he's complaining about the noise, attempting to communicate, or just making a crude joke, but either way it's a clear sign of the cetacean's incredible intelligence.

Luna was a famously beloved whale from Vancouver Island and is the subject of the 2011 documentary, The Whale.

Ultimately killed by a motorboat, Luna left her admirers not only with videos like these to make them smile, but with a sobering reminder of the importance of caring for wildlife.

What do you think Luna was trying to say?


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Watch as This Orca Imitates a Motorboat [VIDEO]