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Orca Casually Steals Fisherman’s Catch [VIDEO]

Hey, you gonna eat that?

In this Efe Ince video, we’re reminded how Killer Whale/Human hierarchy works- if the 6 ton “Killer Whale” takes your fish, it’s kinda like the guy with the Army Ranger tattoo taking your seat at the bar.

Just let him have it.


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Oh well. There are, as they say, other fish in the sea.

We’ve featured animals stealing fisherman’s catches several times before here on Wide Open Spaces. The thing that sets this video apart, however, is just how casually this orca steals the angler’s fish. Like it just ain’t no thang.

If you’re a kayak fisherman off the Pacific Northwest, sooner or later you’ll probably encounter an orca, or a pod of orcas. Now, since there are no deadly attacks on humans outside of captivity, you won’t really have much to worry about, unless you’re a seal. In which case, it’s pretty weird of you to be kayak fishing in the first place.

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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Orca Casually Steals Fisherman’s Catch [VIDEO]