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Orange (Friday) is the New Black (Friday) in Minnesota

Photo via WKLH

Orange Friday may replace the popular Black Friday—at least among hunters.

Minnesota’s 500,000 firearm deer hunters are participating in Orange Friday (the day before deer season) to save big on hunting gear, hence the name.

Instead of going on a turkey and cranberry-fueled shopping sensory overload on Black Friday, many hunters are starting to consider this much more palatable alternative that takes place about a month earlier.

Orange Friday is the term coined by Mill’s Fleet Farm that is now taking off among other Minnesotan retailers, including Gander Mountain and Cabela’s. These stores opened early on Friday November 7, 2014, hoping to entice traveling hunters with giveaways and tempting sales on blaze orange and accessories, simulating the day after Thanksgiving.

Apparently it worked. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources estimates that deer hunters spend over $234 million just on retail sales. Michael Richardson, assistant store manager at the Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Mill’s Fleet Farm has observed that many hunters leave Friday morning to allow for travel and get deer camp set up.

“So, the chance to be able to get in, get everything they need before sunup and be on the road. That’s really important,” Richardson said in an interview with Minnesota’s CBS affiliate.

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Whether they’re buying last-minute items for the current season or stocking up on Christmas presents, hunters have taken the bait. And the popular event promises to keep growing year after year.

Did you participate in Orange Friday this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Orange (Friday) is the New Black (Friday) in Minnesota