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#OptOutside with REI This Black Friday [VIDEO]


REI is choosing to #OptOutside on Black Friday and is hoping more of us will do the same.

Sometimes we get way to caught up in shopping and fighting for deals on Black Friday. Even if it is for a good cause and even if it is for nice gear that will help you to spend more time in the outdoors, sometimes it’s just not worth all the hassle.

For that reason, along with many more, REI has decided to #OptOutside on Black Friday this year.

What does that mean exactly? It means that all 143 REI stores will be closed on Black Friday and to make it even better, REI will be paying their employees to go and spend time in the outdoors.

What a great message from one of the leaders in outdoor equipment. Hopefully you will be spending at least part of your Black Friday in the outdoors.

Head over to REI’s website to find out more about their #OptOutside campaign.

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#OptOutside with REI This Black Friday [VIDEO]