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#OptOutside: Beach-Combing for Glass Floats on Oregon Coast

There will be 100 glass floats placed along Oregon’s Lincoln City Beaches during “Finders Keepers Weekend” event.

Looking for a good way to burn off some calories from that turkey and pumpkin pie? Is pitching a tent outside of Best Buy for Black Friday not your idea of “camping?” #OptOutside and head out to Lincoln City, Oregon for a beach-combing bonus of hand-crafted glass floats.

You can find them along the seven and a half miles of public beaches in Lincoln City, from the Roads End area to Siletz Bay. A tradition that began as a mark of the new millennium, the number of floats dropped along the beaches reflects that particular year. In other words, there will have been 2,015 floats for beachcombers to claim this year following the weekend’s final float drop of 2015.

The Statesman Journal reports that 100 of those floats will be placed on beaches Friday, November 27th and Saturday, November 28th in an event called “Finders Keepers Weekend,” following the Thanksgiving holidays.

Oregon Coast reminds beachcombers that,

Floats may be found above the tide line and below the beach embankment. Floats will not be found in or on the cliffs. Please be aware of beach safety. Never turn your back on the ocean! Sneaker waves and the force of the ocean often move logs and can be unsafe. Our fairies do not “drop” the floats on the beaches during storms.

When you find a float, call the Visitor and Convention Bureau (VCB), 800-452-2151 or 541-996-1274, and register your float. We will send a Certificate of Authenticity and information about the artists who crafted your float.

Bring everyone to the beach to experience the fun of float hunting. Start a new family tradition!

You can also bring a bag of trash collected from the beach to the Visitor Center at 540 NE Hwy 101 and enter to win a glass float. The event is merely one of many float drops that takes place on the Oregon Coast. While this is the last event of 2015, you can plan ahead to schedule a trip for one of these events next year:

January 1-3, 2016 – New Years special drop of 100 glass art pieces
January 17-18, 2016 – M.L.K. special drop of 100 glass art pieces
February 6-15, 2016 – Antique Week special drop of 300 Japanese antique floats
February 13-14, 2016 – Valentine’s Day drop of 14 heart-shaped paperweights
March 19-27, 2016 – Spring Break drop of 300 glass art pieces
April 22-24, 2016 – Earth Day drop of 15 globes
May 7-8, 2016 – Mother’s Day drop of 100 glass art pieces
May 28-30, 2016 – Closing weekend of Finders Keepers: 50 extra glass floats and a jumbo float with a weekend getaway

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#OptOutside: Beach-Combing for Glass Floats on Oregon Coast