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Operator of the Day, June 7, 2015: Sierra Blanca Outfitters


Today’s Fin & Field Operator of the Day provides New Mexico elk and Merriam’s turkey hunts, amongst others.

The featured Fin & Field operator for today takes hunters on some unique and exciting hunts across the high peaks of New Mexico. Sierra Blanca Outfitters is a highly reputable and trusted operator that can help hunters zero in on a wide variety of game.

Sierra Blanca Outfitters

  • Location: Chacon, New Mexico
  • Species: Black Bear, Turkey, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion/Cougar/Puma, Varmints, Elk, Pronghorn Antelope
  • Rates: Hunting: $1,200-8,700
  • Contact: Book here or call 855-775-9104

A pronghorn or mountain lion hunt can be some of the most memorable a sportsman can have, and you can knock them both out with a trip to Chacon. Elk and mule deer are harvested in abundance in this area, and Merriam’s turkeys happen to be Sierra Blanca’s strong suit.

With the assistance of experts like Peter Romero and his staff, anyone who hunts with Sierra Blanca Outfitters can rest assured they’ll have a good time. Just look at some of the recent successes the operator shares in these photos.

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For more information about Sierra Blanca Outfitters, click here.


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Operator of the Day, June 7, 2015: Sierra Blanca Outfitters