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Operator of the Day, July 15, 2015: InFlight Outfitters

native_OOTD_CTA_710x73_v1Connect with hunting heritage and head down to InFlight Outfitters to hunt in southern Texas. 

Texas has a long and decorated history with the sport of hunting. It has long been known that Texas boasts world-class whitetail opportunities. If you are looking for a traditional Texan hunt, book a stay with InFlight Outfitters, our Operator of the Day.

InFlight Outfitters is on the historic Twin Oaks Ranch between Nueces River and Lake Mathis. Not only will you be chasing native and exotic game on the 10,000-acre ranch, but you can also hunt behind pointing dogs for a variety of gamebirds. If you head down to south Texas in the spring, you can try your hand at a springtime gobbler.

There is game to be chased year-round at this ranch so head on down and start practicing your “y’alls.”

InFlight Outfitters

  • Location: Mathis, Texas
  • Species: Mountain Goat, Quail, Dove, Barbary Sheep, Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Axis Deer
  • Rates: $795-$4,900 from a south Texas dove hunt to a classic whitetail buck hunt
  • Contact: Book here or call 844-613-0113

See some pictures taken with InFlight Outfitters.






For more information about InFlight Outfitters, click here



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Operator of the Day, July 15, 2015: InFlight Outfitters