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Open Any Sentry Safe in Less Than 5 Seconds

Did you know a Sentry safe could be opened this easily? 

There isn't much out there that intrigues a stranger more than seeing a safe in someone's house and wondering to themselves about what's inside it. If that safe is an electronic Sentry safe, now there's a way inside it without knowing the combination. You won't believe how easy this is.

In this brand new video from Mr. Locksmith, he opens this safe in five seconds flat. The scary part is that it's not just this safe either, but any Sentry safe with with a digital combination.

So, if you ever buy a new house and find a safe in the wall that was left behind, or better yet, intentionally forgotten, now you have a possible way inside it. Just like the man in the video said, be careful with your cell phone or any other electronics when you are wielding a magnet of this caliber needed to get the job done.

You know, for this reason I will only ever use a mechanical safe. Maybe you should too.


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Open Any Sentry Safe in Less Than 5 Seconds