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Open Letter to My Fishing Grandpa

Tales etc.

Dear Grandpa,

A lot has changed in the fishing world since you passed away in 1979, so let me tell you the amazing breakthroughs in our sport.

You can watch fishing television shows every day of the week, world records for certain species are broken nearly every week, and there are even ways to fish with robots that would have your jaw on the floor in seconds.

Probably the biggest changes have occurred in the gear we use. I know your old, reliable rod and reel were sacred pieces of equipment, but you’d be amazed at what’s available now. Lures have never been so realistic, and look, act, and even smell like baitfish. Heck, some of them even light up.

Remember how rain coats and pants were made of plastic or rubber and condensation made you wetter at times than a rain shower would have? Now we have high-tech fabrics, like Goretex, that actually have one way pores to let out moisture but block out the rain.

That would have come in handy back in the 70s. I wish you could check out this affordable military surplus rain coat from Sportmans Guide. I know how much you liked a great deal.

1 - gore texWaterproof waders and boots have come a long way too. I wish you could have tossed those old, leaky, cold waders and have gotten these new neoprene insulated waders that are lighter and way warmer in the cold river trout waters. Cabela’s has a great pair.

2 wadersOh yeah, fishfinders! They can really see under the water to tell you how deep it is, point out obstructions and fill you in on where the fish are.

Lake fishing has gotten a lot easier with this equipment. Wow grandpa, that would have made finding fish much easier back in your day, and also tell you where you are on the lake. Bass Pro Shops has just the thing.

3 fish finderThe days of an old bucket, some worms and a pole have been replaced with products that make fishing easier and more productive. Retail stores are still here, but online stores such as Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Gander Mountain will ship your purchases right to your door, no need to waste time hunting for that specific fishing line.

I don’t know if I have time to explain the Internet. But now you can go on the computer and view maps and fishing reports of areas you may be interested in visiting well before you leave the house. That’s how I find those hidden honey holes now-a-days.

I am happy to share these amazing technological breakthroughs with you grandpa, and there are too many to list in this letter.

The good ‘ole days were indeed good, but the new days have been treating us modern anglers quite well too!

Your Fishing Grandson,


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Open Letter to My Fishing Grandpa