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Open Carry Advocate Stops Senate Bill to Allow Open Carry [VIDEO]


The Open Carry Tarrant County leader may have inadvertently stopped a constitutional carry bill

The Texas Senate's first public hearings on two big gun bills are under way: Senate Bill 11 which would allow firearms to be carried on public college campuses; and Senate Bill 17 which allows anyone with a concealed handgun licence to openly carry holstered handguns in public.

What the docket does not include is the constitutional carry bill, authored by Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas, which would allow any legal gun owner to openly carry their firearm without the need for a permit.

Support for the bill took a huge hit when Kory Watkins of the now infamous Open Carry Tarrant County posted a video online in which he compared opposition to the idea of constitutional carry to treason. A crime that, as Watkins stated multiple times, is punishable by death.

The video was quickly taken down, but not before Open Carry Watch could re-post the public video to their YouTube channel.


After the video was removed. Watkins made the following post trying to assure the his words were not intended as a threat.

OCTC FB post

Whatever his intent, Kory Watkins may have hurt his cause more than helping it. There are other constitutional carry style laws in the works for Texas, but there is no word yet as whether they will get to the floor after this.

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Open Carry Advocate Stops Senate Bill to Allow Open Carry [VIDEO]